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Impress Your Tita With These 7 New Dishes

Posted Oct 19, 2020 5 minute read
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As you may know, in the usual Filipino family gathering, inviting your titas feels like being a contestant in MasterChef. They know what good food tastes like. Plus, they critique here and there. So, like a good niece or nephew, you do your best to impress them. You put your best dishes forward and hope they leave a good impression on your titas.

Watching your favorite tita taste your food can be a mix of exciting and nerve-wracking. To help put you and your cooking on titas’ good side, here are some dishes to try. Let’s start!


1. For You Cashew Yummy Hummus

impress your tita with this recipe cashew hummus



Hummus is a thick, creamy dip, typically made from mashed chickpeas and some other healthy ingredients. Serve it with freshly cut carrots, broccoli, and other veggies, or the traditional pita bread, for an oh-so-yummy appetizer or snack.

To give your own hummus recipe a twist, use cashew nuts instead of chickpeas, like our Cashew Yummy Hummus recipe. This dip will take your tita’s taste buds on a trip to the Middle East! Add a dollop of NESTLÉ® ALL PURPOSE CREAM to achieve a creamier texture that will have your guests, including your tita, empty the bowl in no time.


2. Creamylicious Kare-Kare

impress your tita with this recipe kare kare



Do you dare to cook a classic Filipino dish that is loved by many—including your tita? Kare-kare is a Filipino dish that has a thick, nutty, and tasty sauce that pairs well with bagoong alamang. It’s arguably a make or break dish, since getting the sauce and the tenderness of the beef right is crucial for the recipe not to fall apart.

Our Kare-Kare recipe will guide you from prep to the procedure, to make sure that you’re cooking a mean kare-kare that will bring comfort to your tita. Also, don't forget to blanch your vegetables to seal in the nutrients, flavor, and appetizing color.


3. Filipino Fave Pork in Creamy Bagoong Sauce

impress your tita with this recipe filipino pork in creamy bagoong sauce



Pork Binagoongan is a favorite Filipino dish that is cooked in shrimp paste (bagoong). It’s also a protein-packed dish that is quick and easy to make—the basic recipe only requires pork liempo cutlets, but you can add eggplant if desired.

Additionally, you can modify the spice level by adding siling labuyo. So, find out if your tita likes spicy food and adjust your binagoongan to her taste and leave her ‘ooh-ing’ in indulgence. Balance that extra kick of spiciness by adding NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream! Check out our Pork in Creamy Bagoong Sauce recipe. Pair it with a bowl of warm white rice, invite your tita over for lunch, and serve! 


4. Carbonara and Meatballs

impress your tita with this recipe carbonara and meatballs



For larger gatherings or celebrations, where many of your titas are sure to come, ditch the usual ulam and try out something new like Carbonara with Meatballs. This pasta carbonara recipe highlights a thick, rich, and silky white sauce, topped with meatballs, bacon, and loads of parmesan.

Give our very own Carbonara and Meatballs recipe a try. It uses just the right amount of NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream to make the sauce and meatballs extra savory and delightful.


5. Creamy Filipino Spaghetti

impress your tita with this recipe creamy filipino spaghetti



This Filipino-style spaghetti has a distinctively sweeter sauce than the classic Italian spaghetti, which it gets from the banana catsup mixed in the red tomato sauce. The sliced hotdogs are also fried separately and added later on.

If you have a family gathering or celebration coming up, serve this Pinoy favorite that your titas, nephews, and nieces will love. Try our Creamy Filipino Spaghetti recipe that is good for the whole family. It’s a change from the usual Pinoy spaghetti because it uses NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream for that creamy and delightful taste! This all-time favorite pasta dish will bring back fond memories and a taste of comfort with every mouthful.


6. Braised Short Ribs in Creamy Sauce

impress your tita with this recipe braised short ribs in creamy sauce



One of life’s greatest pleasures is a plate of delicious and saucy braised short ribs. Beef short ribs are flavorful, delectable, and tender. Anyone who gets served with this dish will have them running back to the table for another serving.

Surprise your tita with a restaurant-style and quality dish. Our Braised Short Ribs recipe will make her jaw drop in delight. Add NESTLÉ® ALL PURPOSE CREAM to make the sauce richer and creamier, taking your braised short ribs up a notch.


7. Mango Graham Silvanas

impress your tita with this recipe mango graham silvanas



Let’s not forget about desserts. One of the best desserts you can treat your tita with is a crunchy cookie sandwich called Silvanas. These meringue cookies have fillings and are covered with buttercream. Its creamy and buttery goodness is seriously addicting!

You can follow our Mango Graham Silvanas recipe to make these delightful bites. This recipe adds diced mangoes to the cream mixture for a lovely taste in every bite. These will serve as the sweetest treat for your favorite tita!


Creamy Dishes to Impress

Serve any of these dishes for when your titas come over. It’s guaranteed that they’ll ask for your cooking advice and recipes and bond over these new dishes you have just mastered.

You’ll enjoy these dishes a lot more with the use of NESTLÉ® ALL PURPOSE CREAM. This is your secret ingredient in creating delightful moments with your tita and the whole family. What are you waiting for? Time to get cooking!

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