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How All Purpose Cream Can Be Your All-Around Kitchen Ingredient

Posted Oct 19, 2020 5 minute read
Kitchen Tips and Hacks

uses of nestle cream

Mealtimes at home are the highlight of the day for many moms out there. If you know how to take your cooking to the next level, it will be an enjoyable cooking experience for you. Whatever dish you serve on the table, it will surely be a hit for the family.

When it comes to food preparation, choosing the right kind of ingredients can save you a great deal of effort to bring your awesome food ideas into life. Just like what cream does to everyday dishes and sauces, plus more.

Your all-time favorite NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream offers the same brand of versatility. From flavor to richness—NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream adds all of these into your meals. All purpose cream is an all-around kitchen ingredient. Here are more ways you can use all purpose cream in food preparation.

Top Uses of All Purpose Cream in the Kitchen

1. Desserts

uses of nestle cream desserts



No doubt, desserts are your go-to-dish for when you want to indulge especially when made with all purpose cream. Use it in your fruit snacks or fruit cocktail mix, parfait, cupcakes, brownies—the list goes on and you are guaranteed with satisfaction.

The cream adds lusciousness to your desserts, even for those that need a whipped cream recipe like puddings or pumpkin pies. The trick is to chill the cream before whipping it at high speed.

You can also use all purpose cream to coat sections of a multilayered mango ref cake


2. Stews

uses of nestle cream stews



Stews are hearty dishes made of any type of meat like beef, chicken, or even seafood with vegetables tossed into the dish. It’s one of those kinds of food that you can serve to your family during special occasions and normal days.


A pot of stew is already delectable on its own, but if you want to take it up a notch, you can pour all purpose cream into the meat and vegetable mixture. The cream will not only thicken the stew but will also balance the flavors of your dish. Be a kitchen expert with this creamy pork caldereta recipe!


3. Frosting

uses of nestle cream frosting



Although butter frosting is quick and easy to make, you can use some kitchen hacks to get it right. To make a good butter frosting, you need to fluff it up or else it will be flat, which won’t hold nicely on your cakes or cupcakes.

By adding cream into your frosting, you can have the perfect consistency—not too thin but not too thick, either—that will make your goodies look and taste delightful. You can use frosting to create this caramel apple trifle!


4. Dressings


uses of nestle cream dressings



You can also have all purpose cream as base for many kinds of salad dressing. Whether you’re mixing up fruit salad, macaroni salad, or vegetable salad, the cream acts as an emulsifier that creates a smooth texture for your dressing and prevents ingredients from separating. This way, one can get all the goodness of a salad in one go.


All purpose cream is also helpful for when you’re trying to neutralize the tangy smell or taste in your basic vinaigrette. The result is a unique dressing that’s perfect for your leafy greens or noodle salads. Make your salad extra special with this classic caesar dressing recipe!


5. Sauces

uses of nestle cream sauces




Creamy sauces can make simple dishes more exciting and special. For example, you can pair up a concoction of creamy garlic sauce with any fried dish to give it some extra flavor and aroma. Just pour the sauce over your basic fried chicken or fish fillet, and voilà, you’ve come up with a new recipe just like that. 


Of course, creamy white sauce also goes well for carbonara, mac and cheese, and other noodle-based dishes. The luxuriousness of the all purpose cream makes it a fabulous pasta sauce, especially if you add in a couple of other ingredients like mushrooms and herbs along with crunchy bacon bits. Create delightful moments with our own scrumptiously creamy garlic sauce recipe!


6. Dips

uses of nestle cream dips




When using dips, you want them to be a little bit on the thicker side so that it’s easier to pick them up using chips, bread, veggies, delicatessen items, and other finger foods. Using NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream as base for your dipping sauces can help you achieve the perfect consistency, not to mention make your dips taste richer. Check out our own creamy tuna dip recipe!


All Purpose Cream: Cooking Things Up 


Special family meals start with good food preparation. However, this doesn’t mean that you need a lot of ingredients or time to help you cook top-quality dishes. You only need to be versatile, creative, and resourceful when preparing meals for your family.


NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream is the all-in-one kitchen ingredient must-have that makes food preparation simple and convenient —from desserts, salad dressings, sauces to stews.


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