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8 Recipe Ideas to Make the Holiday Celebration Extra Delightful!

Posted Oct 19, 2020 5 minute read
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Whatever the occasion, you’ll always find sumptuous food at the center of Filipino households. During holiday seasons, the dishes prepared are extra special. The rich Filipino food culture is related to strong family ties—so it’s no surprise that they spare no expense when preparing a feast for their loved ones.


The best way to celebrate any holiday with family and friends is to pair it with a serving of these delightful recipe ideas. Of course, all these can be made extra creamy and rich with NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream. Let’s get cooking!


  1. Carbonara

holiday recipe ideas creamy carbonara



During the holidays, especially Christmas, you’ll usually see two types of pasta dishes served on the table, one of which is a rich and creamy bowl of Carbonara.

Carbonara is an Italian dish loaded with bits of traditional guanciale (Italian cured meat) or crispy bacon, lots of black pepper, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. Over time, Filipinos have put their own twist to this dish, some incorporating mushroom and meatballs to make it a complete meal. 

This is a great dish to prepare since it’s quick and easy to pull together. Check out our Creamy Carbonara recipe for a delightful white sauce pasta!


  1. Creamed Chicken



A great chicken dish you can serve during holiday celebrations is Creamed Chicken, otherwise known as Cordon Bleu. A bed of chicken breasts, ham, and cheese rolled into one? Heavenly!

This recipe will require some effort, as you need to pound the chicken breasts to create an excellent base and roll them easier. For the cheese, you can use Swiss, cheddar, or mozzarella. The secret to this mouth-watering dish is in the sauce. Add NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream to the gravy mix and taste a world of difference. 

Ready to test it out? Get started with our Creamed Chicken recipe!


  1. Menudo

holiday recipe ideas creamy pork menudo



Of course, no Filipino holiday celebration is complete without the well-loved Pinoy dish that’s almost always present on every occasion, menudo. It’s a flavorful dish that can also double as a post-holiday breakfast or lunch ulam.

This savory dish consists of pork, pork liver, tomato sauce, hotdogs, and the usual ingredients and condiments like soy sauce, garlic, onions, salt and pepper, and bay leaf. You can cook menudo a day before serving it. Just store it properly and reheat before serving, for a more developed dish full of flavor. 

For a creamy Pork Menudo dish, check out this recipe!


  1. Paella

holiday recipe ideas creamy paella



Spruce your holidays with a paella dish! This seafood rice topped with squid, shrimp, fish, and more, will take your guests to an oceanside environment.

If you’re thinking of putting up a special dish, seafood paella is an excellent choice since it highlights different seafood ingredients cooked over a tasty paste. The recipe is also easy to prepare and visually delicious.

There are various versions of this Spanish-style rice dish. You can make it with your own twist, or you can follow our Seafood Rice ala Paella recipe that is undoubtedly hard to resist.


  1. Pancit Palabok

holiday recipe ideas creamy pancit palabok



Chances are, there is a noodle dish like Pancit Palabok in every Filipino household during Noche Buena, New Year, and other significant holidays and celebrations. Why? Simply because it’s a tasty dish.

Pancit Palabok is affordable and simple to cook. It’s intricately prepared with flavorful shrimp sauce and layers of ingredients for a mixture of taste, such as shrimp, pork, crushed chicharon, tinapa flakes, egg, and more. 

Want to try it out this weekend? Check out this delightful Palabok recipe!


  1. Beef Ribs

holiday recipe ideas creamy beef ribs



Are you looking for something new and savory to serve for the holidays? Try a restaurant-style Beef Ribs! Perfect this palatable dish, and it will definitely become your new holiday staple. 

This dish is relatively simple, but it takes patience to prepare since the beef ribs are cooked twice to really achieve that crispy yet fall-off-the-bone goodness taste. You need to let the beef sit in the pressure cooker for a time, then fry it afterward. Its secret weapon is all in the gravy. 

Check out our Crispy Beef Ribs recipe with a gravy filled with creamy goodness that will leave your guests wanting more!


  1. Creamy Macaroni Salad

holiday recipe ideas creamy macaroni salad



A Filipino-style Macaroni Salad is a staple in any celebration. This hearty crowd-pleaser is loaded with a creamy flavor with just a tinge of the right sweetness, which makes it a good meal finale.

Enjoy a bowl of Creamy Macaroni Salad using this recipe. The creamy and rich texture makes every bite irresistible!


  1. Maja Blanca

holiday recipe ideas creamy maja blanca



One of the famous Filipino desserts that are often served in Noche Buena or other holiday celebrations is the Maja Blanca. The traditional dessert is a hit among kids and adults alike. 

The coconut milk, sweet corn kernels, and toasted coconut toppings blend delightfully together in the mouth, making it a great snack after a savory meal. It’s also a luscious Filipino dessert that’s easy to make, with ingredients you can easily find in grocery stores. 

Want to make one? Here’s a tasty Maja Blanca recipe you can try!


Creamy, Holiday Goodness Ready to Serve

The Philippines, being a melting pot of various cultures, boasts its diverse and palatable feast during holiday celebrations. Take note of the mouthwatering recipes above for the holidays! They’re perfect if you’re planning a delish set.

Holiday celebrations serve as the perfect time to showcase everyone’s specialties, try out new recipes, and fill your loved ones’ tummies with heart-warming meals. Don’t forget to make your dishes extra special with NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream. Bring out the creamy goodness out of your meals! 




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