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7 Snacks to Pack for Your Kids in School

Posted Oct 19, 2020 3 minute read
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Kids have a busy school life. They wake up early and spend a good few hours in school every day. As they study and learn, their energy level must be on point, so they can concentrate on their lessons and participate in different classroom activities.

To provide your kids with the energy they need, serve them the right kind of food for school. Healthy, quick, and easy meals that are also exciting and appetizing are the best ways to take care of your kids’ nutrition needs while in school.

Get your inspiration from NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream’s collection of energy-giving snack recipes:

1. Cravingly Creamy California Crab Sandwich 

school snack ideas california crab sandwich


Sandwiches are one of the most delectable snacks for children; not to mention, they’re also the easiest to prepare during your busy weekday mornings. 


You can choose from a wide variety of bread, meat, and vegetables to prepare a sandwich that will provide the right nourishment for your children and make them full. Say, you’ve already made their favorite peanut butter sandwich or tuna and cheese sandwich on certain days of the week, so why not go for something like our Cravingly Creamy California Crab Sandwich


Assemble bread slices with kani, sweet ham, mango and cucumber slices, and some walnuts for an energy-packed snack, slathered with a rich and creamy dressing made with NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream that will make the sandwich even tastier for your little one.


2. Fantastically Fruity Fruitcake Bars

school snack ideas fruitcake bars


Your kids’ energy level won’t easily drop when you include fruit bars in their lunch boxes. These are similar to energy bars made from cereals that athletes and people on-the-go munch on for a quick energy fix.


Our version of energy bars, called Fantastically Fruity Fruitcake Bars, will ensure that your kids will stay alert and active in the classroom. Cut them into squares, so that your kids can easily chew on a few during their break time.


3. Amazing Apple Cookies 

school snack ideas apple cookies



Try our Amazing Apple Cookies, which uses the natural sweetness of apple, so you can go easy on adding sugar into the recipe.  What’s also amazing with serving these cookies to your preschooler or older children is that you can bake them in bite-sized pieces, so they’re really appealing for those who want to enjoy their snack time in school.


4. Super Duper Delish Sloppy Joes 

school snack ideas sloppy joes



Indulge your kid in comfort food that tastes like their favorite meaty burger—except that it’s not fast food! Our Super Duper Delish Sloppy Joes truly lives up to its name because it looks inviting and satisfies the taste buds. The recipe uses beef as its main ingredient, which is very nutritious, as it is a good source of protein, vitamins, and essential fatty acids like omega-3s.

Fill up your child’s lunch box with the sloppy joe, so that your kid won’t have to wait until the end of the day to get home and have another serving of this delicious snack.


5. Easy Paella Burrito 

school snack ideas paella burrito



This snack combines two international dishes—paella rice dish from Spain and stuffed burrito from Mexico.


Whether you have seafood or chicken paella, you can use it as stuffing for the burrito. Our Easy Paella Burrito recipe makes for a school snack that is as filling as a complete meal as it includes rice, vegetables, meat, and cheese. These ingredients can supply your kids’ need for food that gives them energy, vitamins, and other essential nutrients.

Meanwhile, you can save a lot on your budget since you can just use your leftover paella, buy some tortilla wrap, and cook up some creamy garlic sauce to drizzle the burrito.


6. Embutido con Pandesal

school snack ideas embutido con pandesal

Are you fond of making special pork or chicken embutido rolls, and stocking them in your freezer? This Filipino version of meatloaf doesn’t only go well with rice, but you can also use embutido for your kids’ sandwiches, too!

Some greens and other kid-friendly vegetables give the sandwich a healthy taste, while the creaminess of the white sauce adds an extra layer of flavor that your kids can savor.


7. Banana Pancakes

school snack ideas banana pancakes


Just when you thought you’ve run out of kid-approved snack ideas, you discover a new, extra creative recipe that you can include in your children’s next set of meals for school!

Our Banana Pancakes are a perfect example of how you can mix sweet indulgence with the healthy benefits of fruits in one snack. This kind of baon can definitely encourage your kid to finish what’s in his or her lunch box while filling them with loads of energy. 


Power-Packed Snacks for School Kids

Even if your kids are not with you at home every single moment, you can still nourish them by preparing filling, homemade snacks that they can bring to school. Snacks that use NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream can both energize and satisfy their cravings for delicious kid-friendly food.


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