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7 One-pot Meals to Try in Your Kitchen

Posted Oct 19, 2020 4 minute read
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The thought of a kitchen’s mealtime aftermath—piles of mixing bowls, utensils, and various cookware waiting to be washed—is enough to put you off your attempt to cook a good meal. However, one-pot meals exist to prove that it is possible to mix flavors in a delightful way, all while saving you time and reducing the number of items for clean-up after. 

With the right recipes and great attention to detail, one-pot meals can taste just as good (and maybe even be better) as their more complex counterparts.

If you find yourself wanting to try your hand at cooking but want to start simple, here are some easy dishes that you can prepare in just one pot.


1. Scrumptious Seafood Casserole

one-pot meals to try creamy seafood casserole



For days you want to indulge, this Scrumptious Seafood Casserole fits the bill. This dish is filled with shrimp, shredded crabsticks, and sliced young corn, made rich with a cream-based sauce infused with oyster sauce. 

This casserole works as a one-pot dish by using the same pan for sautéing the ingredients and mixing the sauce, allowing you to combine the various flavors effortlessly.


2. Pan-Seared Salmon with Mustard Cream Sauce

one-pot meals to try pan-seared salmon with mustard cream sauce



If you’re looking for a main dish that’s classy yet easy to make, consider putting Pan-Seared Salmon with Mustard Cream Sauce on the menu. Delicious seared salmon steaks drizzled with a special sauce made from a mix of wine reduction, NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream, mustard, honey, and tarragon. 

Aside from the convenience, you get the additional flavor from making the sauce in the same pan you used for searing the fish.


3. Sea-riously Delish Seafood Rice

one-pot meals to try creamy seafood rice



Sometimes all you need is a simple meal that you can eat from a bowl. This Sea-riously Delish Seafood Rice has it all: flavorful shrimp and squid with crab fat and tinapa flakes for an added kick, mixed with green peas and rice, and garnished with spring onions. 

Don’t be fooled by the ingredients—all you need to make this rich and creamy dish is one pan, from cooking the seafood to mixing in the tinapa flakes and crab fat with the rice.


4. Creamy Chicken Curry

one-pot meals to try creamy chicken curry



Creamy Chicken Curry is a great household staple that you can easily replicate in one pot, enough for you and your family—chicken, potatoes, swimming in thick, creamy curry sauce, with bits of red and green bell pepper. 

This dish, which requires cooking the chicken and sauce in the same pot, makes mealtime with loved ones even more special without breaking a sweat in the kitchen!


5. Easy and Elegant Chicken Ala King

one-pot meals to try creamy chicken ala king



Thinking of a recipe with chicken as the main ingredient? Let Easy and Elegant Chicken Ala King satisfy your hunger pangs! Working in the same pot, sauté the chicken in butter and cook the mushrooms, beaten egg, and bell peppers in a thickened, creamy mixture. 

The resulting dish is a meal fit for royalty made in no time flat. To make it even tastier, try cooking the sauce with some sherry wine. Best served hot with a side of rice!


6. Creamy Beef with Mushroom

one-pot meals to try creamy beef with mushroom



Who needs takeout meals when you can make Creamy Beef with Mushroom from the comforts of your own home? This recipe makes the list of one-pot meals by multitasking your pan—from sautéing seasoned beef, garlic, onion, and mushrooms to capping it off with a delicious mix of cream, soy sauce, parsley for the sauce. 


The best part is that, aside from rice, you can also pair this dish with toasted bread, pasta, or even mashed potatoes!


7. Filipino Fave Pork in Creamy Bagoong Sauce

one-pot meals to try pork in creamy bagoong sauce



Treating yourself to a delicious dish has never been simpler! With Filipino Fave Pork in Creamy Bagoong Sauce, you get rich pan-fried pork and cubes of eggplant flavored with bagoong alamang, pulled together by a creamy sauce—all made in the same pan to better infuse the flavors. If you’re looking for something to give the dish a kick, add some sliced siling haba.


Easy-to-Make Creamy Meals

One-pot dishes sound simple, but make no mistake—they’re just as tasty as any other dish, only made with fewer tools or cookware involved. Ranging from rice bowl meals to meats or seafood worth sharing with the entire family, there’s a one-pot dish waiting for any occasion. 

To take these meals to the next level, make sure to use NESTLÉ® All Purpose Cream when making them!

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