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7 Enjoyable Desserts for Your Family’s Sweet Tooth

Posted Oct 19, 2020 5 minute read
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Nothing brings the family closer than food! When you look back at the special moments and occasions with your family, you can always remember what food was served. Bonding over delicious food and delectable desserts is an experience that you and your loved ones will always cherish.

As mothers, we can all agree that we want to keep everyone’s tummies full and happy. Aside from preparing their favorite meals, one of the easiest ways to put a smile on their faces is to serve mouth-watering desserts.

If your family has a huge appetite for desserts, there’s always a reason to have something sweet on the table. Whether you’re looking to cool down after a long day or celebrating a special occasion, here is a list of desserts that you can easily make.


1. Macaroon Ref Cake

family desserts creamy macaroon ref cake



Macaroon Ref Cake is a great option for big family reunions. The great thing about a ref cake is that you can adjust the ingredients according to what you like such as putting your twist by adding macaroon, macapuno, and cherries. Round up the flavor with NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream and coco jam to bring out the best flavors and make one epic dish. Satisfy your sweet cravings with our own macaroon ref cake recipe!


2. Mango Graham Crepe Cake

family desserts creamy mango graham crepe cake



If you’re looking for a new twist to mango graham combo, try making a mango graham crepe cake. Excite your family’s palates with these creamy layers of mango, cream, and condensed milk.

With mangoes as the main ingredient, mango graham crepe cake will surely conquer your family’s sweet tooth. The original recipe shouldn’t be complicated for many since it’s already an easier, no-bake version of the cake as when you compare it to others. Make family bonding colorful with this mango graham crepe cake recipe!


3. Coffee Crumble Cake Jar

family desserts creamy coffee crumble cake jar



Cake jars are a fun way to eat dessert. Have fun building layers of broas, sweetened cream and chocolate chips for a delectable treat. Check out our own coffee crumble cake jar recipe to get started!


4. Puto Leche Flan

family desserts creamy puto leche flan



Kids will surely love this variation of their favorite Filipino dessert. And when you and your family simply need a sweet fix, go ahead and make this flavorful goodie. Try this Puto Leche Flan recipe!


5. Avocado Silvanas

family desserts creamy avocado silvanas



If you have avocados, and cookie ingredients lying around in your pantry, take it to the next level by making avocado silvanas. This is one way for you to elevate the snacking experience of your family. Take a look at our own avocado silvanas recipe!


6. Creamy Cathedral Window

family desserts creamy cathedral window



Creamy Cathedral Window is an excellent go-to dessert. This gelatin-based confection will uplift everyone’s mood so you can definitely hit two birds with one stone: satisfy their sweet tooth and bond over baking as a family activity. Spend your weekend by tickling your family’s sweet cravings with this Creamy Cathedral Window recipe!


7. Ube Graham Cake

family desserts creamy ube graham cake



Graham cakes are versatile desserts! You can experiment with different flavors like ube. Mix it with the cream mixture for a one-of-a kind ref cake experience. This Ube Graham Cake has the right amount of sweetness that will surely delight your family’s taste buds. Check out our Ube Graham Cake recipe!


A Sweet Experience!

A happy tummy leads to a happy family. Your dining table deserves to have sweet desserts on it so don’t be shy to spoil your loved ones from time to time! 

As your partners, we want you to savor and cherish sweet memories with your family. Always remember that what you’re baking is only as good as the ingredients you use. Elevate the taste and experience with NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream and its sweet, creamy goodness!

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